Welcome to Vancouver Athletic FC!

The mission of Vancouver Athletic FC is to provide soccer playing opportunities for young people in our community, in a supportive environment which promotes and values fair play and skill development. The club's approach emphasizes development of individual and team skills, dedication to practice and self-improvement, commitment to team and club and the values of sportsmanship, fair play, inclusiveness, diversity and respect. Ultimately, VAFC seeks to promote a lifelong involvement in soccer based on the notion that playing the game is fun.

VAFC endorses and follows the B.C. Soccer Association Long Term Player Development model, which is a player-centered approach that provides guidelines for correct training, competition and recovery based on scientific principles of human development and athlete training, combined with the knowledge of expert coaches. Player-centered means VAFC respects the developmental needs of players first and foremost. VAFC ensures that young players have fun while they learn so they want to continue playing. It also means VAFC provides challenging opportunities for special talents so they can develop their abilities and pursue excellence.

VAFC is home to more than 1,800 players ranging in ages from 5 to 18. We have a deep presence in central and east Vancouver, with House League chapters based at Douglas Park, John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park and Garden Park. The neighbourhood basis for our House League chapters allows for practices and games for younger players closer to home.

The club operates teams at the House League level (U6-U10), 8-aside level (U11-U12) and Divisional level (U13-18) for both boys and girls. Divisional teams participate in Gold, Silver and Bronze levels or Divisions 1 to 8 in leagues that play in the Lower Mainland's 4-District Soccer League, B.C. Coastal Girls Soccer League and Vancouver Youth Soccer League for 8-aside teams.

While VAFC offers fantastic playing opportunities within the club, we also provide the development, training and opportunities for players to move on to elite-level soccer through the Metro-Selects and B.C. Premier League clubs in our region.

VAFC combines and carries on the soccer traditions of its three founding clubs: Grandview Legion Football Club, Douglas Park Soccer Club and Vancouver Girls Soccer Club.